Why do I need a Munter credit?

We all have dreams. Some want a new car, others put that business with which they have been dreaming for years and others continue to be trained to grow in their company and give a better life to their family. But for all that you need money and you don’t always have it.

Munter knows that, so he wants to be your best ally by helping you with a loan that will provide you with the money you need and that will help you fulfill your dreams.

But why should the credit you need be with Munter? The answer is because you will have in addition to the money you need, multiple benefits.

First of all you will have a credit in real conditions according to your needs and your ability to pay. With custom fees and no hidden fees. From Munter we want you to get the most benefit and so you can achieve all the goals you set.


But there are more advantages



To make your life easier, you can get your credit electronically. Even in less than 24 hours. You will not have to travel or make long lines to deliver your stationery, since a person in charge will pick you up at your work when it comes best.


Taking care of your financial health


Monthly interest rates range from 3.25% to 5% depending on your profile. The deadlines to pay your credit are 24, 48 and 60 months. What we are looking for is that you get the money you need, but you can also meet your monthly fee. That will create a good credit record that will allow you in the future to opt for more and better financing conditions.



Taking care of your financial health

We are a solid company that trusts its customers. For that reason, we give you a credit without surety. We believe in your responsibility so you will not need anyone to back your credit.



We have the ability to transfer the total amount of funds requested to your bank account in less than 48 hours after credit approval.




The facilities will not end once you have approved your credit. In order to pay your fee each month you will have an extensive network of payment points: Supermarkets, pharmacies, banks and even different applications will facilitate this process.


Payments to capital

If your economic situation improves you have the possibility of canceling your credit early. You can make payments to capital without penalties whenever you want.

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