How to fix our finances

Starting a year is always a great opportunity to start with a clean sheet. We will also get a new chance in finance in January 2018 to live more economically and orderly.


Can we handle our earnings?

It is a telling fact that those with the lowest incomes are the easiest to waste their money. Those who are not used to prudent management of large amounts, for example, if they win the lottery, can spend an almost unpredictable amount of money in a short period of time. According to relevant studies, most winners run out of money in 7 years .

Thus, wealth, however powerful, must be guarded, and even if we are well off financially, we must make every effort purposefully.

And if we are not financially sound yet, financial discipline is even more important.

It is worth setting goals for yourself, even writing them down on small notes so that they are always in front of your eyes.


Let’s be in the picture

How much money do we have for what? We need to be aware of the constant monthly costs, and the ‘moving’ costs are best recorded to see why we ran out of money.


Let us have goals

Let’s set goals that make sense and set our money aside for another bank account. These may just be important to us, so stick to them despite the ‘good advice’. If traveling around the world is more important to us than second homes, let’s gather for it. If someone has dreams, he won’t waste his money.

It’s okay to put money aside for family purposes. Investing in real estate is an expense that returns more than you invested.


Yes, I have money, but I’m not the bank

When someone already has a better hay financially, generosity-paying friends appear around him. Many expect us to have coffee for a thicker wallet when we get together, but there are those who consider the loan natural.

Let no friend or relative give you a loan for no good reason, because it is easy for us to stick our money on the stick. Even the malevolence of the other party is not required to wipe it off.


Let’s cancel our debt


The first thing we need to do is to lose our credit. It is worthwhile to “withdraw” from the bank loans by prepayment, final repayment. Debt settlement loans are a great way to permanently clear your debt.

Always pay our bills on time – if we always put off doing that, we should be thinking about providing a living for our service companies.

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