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Forms of business financing – Business Loans

When it seems that you have achieved the most difficult thing: creating the foundations of a business and shaping your idea, the problem arises from where to seek financing for your business and what are the options available.

It is important to know the alternatives you have to finance a business and choose at any time the one that suits you.

Business financing through self-financing

Business financing through self-financing

This is the first method to go to obtain business financing. Scratching the pocket and getting our company self-financing is essential for the development and implementation of it. This method of financing usually works when the need for financing is not too great as we avoid decapitalizing.

Self-financing is usually combined with other methods of business financing, and also gives security and confidence that another or other people (or entities) lend their money to complement this type of business financing, or why not? to do it in the future since the first one who trusts your business is yourself.

Financing for businesses in acquaintances or relatives

Financing for businesses in acquaintances or relatives

Another method of business financing would be to go to people close to your environment who have available capital and are willing to lend you their money. There will be cases in which the return is with interest and others in which it is free, that is, at no cost.

Finance a business through crowdlending

Finance a business through crowdlending

Crowdlending platforms such as Good Finance, offer financing for businesses in exchange for an interest rate that will depend on the outcome of the study done on them. So far it might look like a bank, but nothing is further from reality. They are loans funded by private capital, that is, by people who are willing to lend you their money, and who in return receive an interest rate previously set for it. In this way, the SME gets a loan with special characteristics:

  • Without hiring additional products, only financing
  • Without consuming CIRBE
  • The loan can be repaid when the company wishes without cost
  • It is much faster and faster.
  • No study commission

As you can see, there are many differences that put the weight of the balance on the crowdlending side.

Search business financing through Business Angels

Search business financing through Business Angels

The financing of a business through the Business Angels is mainly in the growth phase of the company. It consists of a type of people, call them patrons, who are dedicated to looking for businesses with potential, and help them to take off and exploit all the potential they have, through the financing of the company.

Normally this type of business financing is offers in exchange for a shareholding. There are also financing events where these business angels come to listen to proposals where to invest and select those that they find attractive.

How To Save As A Parent – Expense Reduction Tips

Previously, we’ve given you a few tips on how to get pregnant financially, but of course the task does not end with the arrival of the baby: it becomes a daily challenge from there.

However, it is important to realize that – although you may feel this way many times – this is not an impossible mission. Having the right amount of financial awareness and some practical saving tips will all help you win the fight of the week. Put on the gloves, we’ll help!

Saving tips for families with small children

If you are just starting out in family planning, so if your child (ren) has a day to day, read the following tips. As a final result, you will be able to book a balanced weekday and feel positive about your wallet.

The key to all of this is conscious preparation

Let’s start at the beginning! It is very important that when you and your partner decide to have a child, you should be careful about saving money even during this period. Not only to equip your nursery with all the good things on earth, but also to take the time to chart your often unknowing financial habits. The basis of all this is awareness, because what you have no insight into, you cannot improve.

Observe your daily routine: Do you often leave the lights on unnecessarily? Do you tend to accumulate food, buy more than you really need? Consider how you can reallocate some of your saved money, for example, to savings or other major expenses. It’s a good idea to keep a record of your income, your expenses in the much-mentioned “checkered” booklet, and even better, you choose an application that can help you record financial transactions. Make sure that money is not a taboo subject of relationship for common goals.

The joys of recycling


Have you long been planning to cook your next day’s lunch instead of hobby cooking? If so, it’s time to get started, as you can save a lot of money on homemade meals that you can freeze: even baby food (make sure you use it within two months). The same is true in other cases: if, for example, sewing a button or patching a torn shirt, or sewing, knitting or crocheting baby clothes do not cause a problem, then plan this as you can save thousands of dollars.

You can even save on cleaning products by making your own from environmentally friendly materials (vinegar, lemon, baking soda, etc.). Vinegar, for example, has excellent efficacy, and you can use it for toilet cleaning, and children are no harm in poisonous evaporation than other cleaning products. Most importantly, think about your daily life step by step with this kind of saving attitude!

Make recycling a part of your daily life, because it can save you a lot of money! Use canned flowers as flower pots and get other useful ideas from the internet. This way, you can minimize the doomed things you do and even protect the environment. For example, manually renovating your bored clothes or other household items will definitely reduce your expenses. Inject your creativity and ingenuity!

Use a loyalty card, collect coupons!

Life costs money, it would be a pity to deny it. However, you can organize your spending wisely. Use a loyalty card, collect points and coupons (don’t forget to redeem them!) And of course count: often when you order from the net, you can come out riding a lot better, and even more comfortable.

If you do not require home delivery but ask for delivery to pick-up points, you can save a lot on costs. This is true even if you buy from small farmers in the market instead of supermarkets, in addition to supporting domestic producers and eating healthy seasonal fruits and vegetables.

How to fix our finances

Starting a year is always a great opportunity to start with a clean sheet. We will also get a new chance in finance in January 2018 to live more economically and orderly.


Can we handle our earnings?

It is a telling fact that those with the lowest incomes are the easiest to waste their money. Those who are not used to prudent management of large amounts, for example, if they win the lottery, can spend an almost unpredictable amount of money in a short period of time. According to relevant studies, most winners run out of money in 7 years .

Thus, wealth, however powerful, must be guarded, and even if we are well off financially, we must make every effort purposefully.

And if we are not financially sound yet, financial discipline is even more important.

It is worth setting goals for yourself, even writing them down on small notes so that they are always in front of your eyes.


Let’s be in the picture

How much money do we have for what? We need to be aware of the constant monthly costs, and the ‘moving’ costs are best recorded to see why we ran out of money.


Let us have goals

Let’s set goals that make sense and set our money aside for another bank account. These may just be important to us, so stick to them despite the ‘good advice’. If traveling around the world is more important to us than second homes, let’s gather for it. If someone has dreams, he won’t waste his money.

It’s okay to put money aside for family purposes. Investing in real estate is an expense that returns more than you invested.


Yes, I have money, but I’m not the bank

When someone already has a better hay financially, generosity-paying friends appear around him. Many expect us to have coffee for a thicker wallet when we get together, but there are those who consider the loan natural.

Let no friend or relative give you a loan for no good reason, because it is easy for us to stick our money on the stick. Even the malevolence of the other party is not required to wipe it off.


Let’s cancel our debt


The first thing we need to do is to lose our credit. It is worthwhile to “withdraw” from the bank loans by prepayment, final repayment. Debt settlement loans are a great way to permanently clear your debt.

Always pay our bills on time – if we always put off doing that, we should be thinking about providing a living for our service companies.